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Femmes et Ayurveda - la Santé au Quotidien

Ayurveda & Health

Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-Being

A Holistic Vision of Health

In Ayurveda, health is not merely the absence of disease but a state of vibrant well-being encompassing harmony between body, mind, and spirit. It is achieved when the three doshas Vata, Pitta, Kapha are balanced, digestion is strong, tissues are nourished, and waste is efficiently eliminated.

Ultimately, true health in Ayurveda is experiencing a profound sense of vitality, clarity, and inner balance that enables us to fully engage in life's activities with joy and purpose.


The Pillars of Ayurveda

The basics of Ayurvedic treatment


Food and Medicinal Spices

Alimentation plays a crucial role in maintaining balance and promoting health. Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of a personalized diet based on one's unique constitution, encouraging the consumption of wholesome, seasonally appropriate foods to support digestion, nourish tissues, and prevent imbalances.


Spices in Ayurveda are valued not only for their flavor but also for their medicinal properties. They aid digestion, balance doshas, and promote overall health.


Each spice has unique benefits, from calming digestion to boosting immunity, making them essential in Ayurvedic cooking for enhancing both taste and well-being.


Seasonal diets - Ritucharya

Ritucharya, or seasonal diets, are an integral part of Ayurveda and aim to maintain health throughout the year.

These diets adapt lifestyle practices, diet and daily routines to the changing seasons.

By harmonizing with nature's cycles, Ritucharya helps prevent imbalances and promote well-being during each season. This approach focuses on adapting diet, activities and self-care practices to the unique qualities of each season, ensuring optimal health and vitality all year round.


Daily Routines - Dinacharya

Dinacharya, or daily routines, are fundamental in Ayurveda for maintaining balance and promoting health.

These routines are tailored to individual needs and generally include practices such as waking up in the morning, tongue scraping, oil extraction, self-massage (abhyanga) and meditation. Sporting activity is also considered according to one's own constitution.

By aligning our daily activities with the natural rhythms of the day, dinacharya helps cultivate a sense of stability, energy and well-being, paving the way for a healthy, harmonious life.


Ayurvedic Psychology - Cultivating Sattva

Ayurvedic psychology is a holistic approach that views mental health as inseparable from physical health.

It recognizes the interconnectedness of mind, body and spirit in understanding emotional well-being.

Rooted in ancient wisdom, Ayurvedic psychology identifies three mental qualities known as gunas - sattva, rajas and tamas - which influence our thoughts, emotions and behaviours. By fostering sattva, or clarity and harmony, through practices such as meditation, yoga, pranayama and mindful living, Ayurvedic psychology aims to promote mental balance, emotional resilience and inner peace.

Get a Certified Practitioner

Graduate of Kerala Ayurveda University in California - active member of NAMA (National Ayurvedic Medical Association), and from the EIVS in Switzerland (European Institute of Vedic Studies) with Vaidya Atreya Smith, I have more than 1600 hours of training that I continue today in Ayurvedic herbal medicine.

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Merci pour votre envoi.

Aurore Sevestre, Ayurvedic practitioner recommended by Médoucine

Define your unique birth constitution or Prakriti

Prakriti, in Ayurveda, refers to an individual's unique constitution or innate nature. It is determined by the proportion of the three doshas—Vata, Pitta, Kapha—that each person is born with.


Understanding one's Prakriti is essential in Ayurveda for personalized health recommendations, as it influences physical, mental, and emotional tendencies, as well as susceptibility to imbalances and diseases.


In-Office or Remote Consultations

In Paris at 30 rue de Charonne in the 11th arrondissement

Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Ayurveda is a traditional medicine recognized by the WHO

The Timeless Wisdom of Ayurveda for your Well-Being

Ayurveda is more than just a system of medicine; it's a way of life that has been practiced for thousands of years in India. 


In my practice, I blend traditional Ayurvedic principles with modern insights to offer personalized wellness solutions tailored to your unique constitution, or Prakriti.


Whether you're struggling with chronic health issues, seeking balance in your busy life, or simply curious about Ayurveda's potential to enhance your well-being, I'm here to support you on your journey.

Get in touch to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward a healthier, happier you.

Lisa Bonoure, Zurich

"Aurore’s approach is holistic, very professional, but also very gentle."

Antoine de Thélin, Paris

"I particularly appreciated his clarity, his professionalism and his ability to create an environment conducive to understanding and support."

Julie Lebert, Bézier

"I recommend Aurore for her gentleness, her expertise and her valuable advice to find harmony with who I am."
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